who we are
Corporate Information
  • Founding Partners: Manuel Sicilia, Juan Molina y Marcelino Almansa

  • Creative Director: Manuel Sicilia

  • Studio manager: Juan Molina

  • President: Marcelino Almansa

  • CEO: Mariano Sánchez Pobre

  • Distinguished Partners: Antonio Banderas

  • Institutional Partners: Inverseed SCR, Fondo Jeremie Andalucía, Inversiones Pro-Granada

  • Number of employees: 121

Our Strengths

At KANDOR Graphics we have a group of very talented professionals. By providing them with the best in technology and offering them the best working environment, we have become the benchmark studio that we are today.

Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

At KANDOR GRAPHICS, the technical department is responsible for all the company’s internal development and for providing the other departments with the tools they need to optimize processes, reduce production times and obtain greater profitability from each project. This is the main focus of MExEA, an Experimental Development proyect financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in 2011, as part of the Plan Avanza2 program (Exp. TSI-090100-2011-0099)

Our technology innovation is developed in a way that allows us to face every challenge with excellence:

  • Studies for the integration of real images with virtual images.
  • Optimization techniques for stereoscopic generation.
  • Intensive computation use: CPU parallelisms, algorithm optimizations, and the use of graphic coprocessors (GPU).
  • Improved task and work organization processes. Pipeline.
  • Improved 3D generation, new methods and techniques for generating models.
  • Integrated development framework with XSI, Houdini, 3Dmax and Arnold.

At KANDOR Graphics we also have a high-performance massive computation infrastructure (HPC-High Performance Computing) directed at generating digital media in a super-high stereoscopic resolution of 250 nodes on GNU/Linux, a fleet of more than 150 multimedia workstations, a 400 terabytes storage system and 9 high performance servers.

Internal talent

Internal talent

The high qualifications and versatility of the people who work at KANDOR Graphics are an obvious added value.

The passion we put into everything we do is one of the company’s trademarks. It is the foundation of our identity and defines how we achieve our goals.

  • Enthusiasm for animation.
  • Commitment to the studio and the team.
  • Professionalism.
  • Creativity, imagination and talent.
  • Desire for improvement.
  • Career in animated film.

KANDOR Graphics has the best professionals, an in-depth knowledge of the market and the necessary contacts to stay on top of their industry.

Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

Over the years, KANDOR Graphics has garnered awards and recognition both nationally and internationally, positioning us at the head of the animation industry.

We can proudly say that we have become a benchmark studio in Europe within the animation industry, with both national and international talent turning to us for professional development and considering KANDOR an excellent place to work.



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