who we are
Corporate Information
  • Founding Partners: Manuel Sicilia, Juan Molina y Marcelino Almansa

  • Creative Director: Manuel Sicilia

  • Studio manager: Juan Molina

  • President: Marcelino Almansa

  • CEO: Mariano Sánchez Pobre

  • Distinguished Partners: Antonio Banderas

  • Institutional Partners: Inverseed SCR, Fondo Jeremie AndalucĂ­a, Inversiones Pro-Granada

  • Number of employees: 121


At KANDOR Graphics we bring amazing stories to life through the art of animation. And we do it with a competitive work model with proven results.


KANDOR is a technological company that produces computer animation. Our true passion is the production of high-end animated short and feature films. Films that transmit universal, timeless and cultural values, that not only win the hearts of children, but also their families.

Because of our work model which is organized in successive groups and coordinated by a specific pipeline, we can compete globally and in a decentralized manner, allowing us to work anywhere in the world and adapt to the growing demand of emerging markets.




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