Corporate Information
  • Founding Partners: Manuel Sicilia, Juan Molina y Marcelino Almansa

  • Creative Director: Manuel Sicilia

  • Studio manager: Juan Molina

  • President: Marcelino Almansa

  • CEO: Mariano Sánchez Pobre

  • Distinguished Partners: Antonio Banderas

  • Institutional Partners: Inverseed SCR, Fondo Jeremie AndalucĂ­a, Inversiones Pro-Granada

  • Number of employees: 121

Our Commitments

At KANDOR Graphics, we are firmly committed to giving our productions the best quality and talent from our team. Likewise, we are committed to society, future generations and the people who trust in our work, be they investors or distributors. At KANDOR Graphics, we create value for everyone.

Our Commitment to Our Audience

Our Commitment to Our Audience
  • We create stories that build rapport, creating a connection with the audience.

We are committed to developing quality films that will entertain and transmit universal values to both children and adults.

Our Commitment to Our Investors and Shareholders

  • We offer a transparent and sustainable management system.

We are committed to generating economic results that will allow us to constantly reinvest and be independent. We create value for the shareholders and the company.

Our Commitment to Our Investors and Shareholders

Our Commitment to Education

Our Commitment to Education
  • We promote training steered towards the company to generate employment.

At KANDOR Graphics, in collaboration with the University of Granada, we have created a Master program in 3D Character Animation with the primary goal of guiding the future professional activity of the participants. We also participate in the Master’s in Business Management I+D+I.

Our Commitment to Our Team

  • The quality that makes a difference at KANDOR Graphics is our people.

We are committed to training and developing our staff and offering a solution to balance both personal and professional life while considering the opinions of every member of the company.

Our Commitment to Our Team

Our Commitment to the Market

Our Commitment to the Market
  • We look at ourselves from the position of the distributors.

By developing our capabilities to the fullest and offering our distributors quality animations that will generate significant value and contribute to their growth.

Our Commitment to Society and the Environment

  • We are respectful of the importance and supportive of environmental education.

We work everyday in line with our values and are committed with improving continuously, convinced that the big screen is a privileged place for educating new generations. This has been recognized through the Andalusian Environmental Award which we were awarded thanks to the dissemination of environmental values and the protection of the Iberian Lynx with the film "The Missing Lynx".

Our Commitment to Society and the Environment



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