who we are
Corporate Information
  • Founding Partners: Manuel Sicilia, Juan Molina y Marcelino Almansa

  • Creative Director: Manuel Sicilia

  • Studio manager: Juan Molina

  • President: Marcelino Almansa

  • CEO: Mariano Sánchez Pobre

  • Distinguished Partners: Antonio Banderas

  • Institutional Partners: Inverseed SCR, Fondo Jeremie Andalucía, Inversiones Pro-Granada

  • Number of employees: 121


Our story started 20 years ago as an infographics and software development company. Today, by pursuing our passion for animation, KANDOR is on its way to becoming one of Europe’s foremost animation production studios.

KANDOR Graphics began in 1992 when Melkor, a technological company dedicated to software development and computer animation, was created.

During our time as Melkor, we acquired experience in our field and gained recognition for the quality of our work. We created simulations for the scientific, medical and artistic industries, designed virtual sets, corporate videos, documentaries and then digital effects for movies. Our client list at that time included international brands such as NASA, FBI, FOX, JOHN MALKOVICH, FILMAX, BRB, among others.

Due to the recognition we have received, our artistic growth and the passion of our founders, in 2002 we established KANDOR Graphics, which today is a CGI animation film company which produces product for global audiences and competes in the international world of animation cinema.

Antonio Banderas
(Partner and Producer)

“KANDOR Graphics is a company that creates productivity, jobs and makes dreams come true”

Manuel Sicilia
(Partner and Creative Director)

“We have people here who could be in any studio in the world”

Juan Molina
(Partner and Studio Director)

“It is very satisfying to see the company grow in the direction we set at its inception”

Marcelino Almansa
(Partner and President)

“KANDOR’S objective is to reinforce its position as a producer of note on a global level.”



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