The Tell-tale Heart

The Tell-tale Heart

Información Técnica La Dama y la Muerte
Technical Information
  • Director: Raúl García

  • Screenplay: Raúl García

  • Produced by: KANDOR Graphics,
    R & R Comunications Inc, Melusine Productions

  • Cast: Bela Lugosi

  • Year: 2005

  • Pre-selected for an Oscar®, 2005

  • With the voice of Bela Lugosi as the narrator

  • More than 25 international awards

Our animated version of a classic, and the winner of more than 25 awards: the portrayal of the life of a serial killer that was penned by Edgar Allan Poe.


The Tell-tale Heart

Based on one of the most famous short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, published in 1943, it is the psychological depiction of an assassin who goes insane when he cannot stop hearing the heartbeats of his victims. With the voice of Bela Lugosi as the narrator, it has eerie black & white aesthetics, and is a homage to Alberto Breccia.


The Tell-tale Heart

Its achievements include more than 25 international awards among which are the awards for Best Animation Production at the Rebel Planet Film Festival in Hollywood and at the International Film Festival of Sacramento. It was also pre-selected for an Oscar® in 2005. Selected as the Best Spanish Short Feature at the International Young Directors Film Festival of Granada and at the Estepona International Week of Fantasy and Horror Films.



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